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Hello, is it me you're looking for...

Wooo! Hey again!

Now, if we're talking weddings - you get to spend a lot of time with me! Planning a wedding is no joke and its full of surprises and opinions you didn't ask I right?! If you decide to go with yours truly, we'll become buds real fast. I'm your ear, your this or that gal, someone to vent to and most of all your sidekick (well one of them anyway) through this. I'm also just going to put this out there: if you play any Celine Dion song at your wedding, good luck getting me off the dance floor. I don't wish I was kidding. ;)

Let's talk about something that comes up in every client convo I have - awkwardness. Yes, yes - I said it. 'Tis a real thing and a scary thing as well when you know you're getting photos taken. I've been on your side of the lens before and I felt it, too! It can most often than not cause nerves to settle in. BUT I play the best jams on my wee little speaker at your request. We'll have great talks, go grab a coffee before (or a drink, your choice), and find that space where you feel comfortable and effortless.

Do I travel for shoots? Hell yeah! Most of my shoots involve travel, so it's no big deal at all. If you've got a vision, I'm all ears and ready to take on anything you throw my way. From location ideas to clothing options, to how many puppies you should have or how many goats you should have. I squeezed that in there because I'm in the process of talking my husband into goats. It's a very slow process a the moment, but I'll keep this updated for when we turn a corner. But, yes, I travel - let's fly.

As for me, I grew up in the ever pretty Golden, CO and attended Colorado State University for Equine Science. I have a sassy horse named Jolee, chickens and a sweet dog named Finn. Made the big move to NJ in October of 2017 with my now husband and we have a little farm in Flemington, NJ. Things that make me happiest: my hubs, the mountains, my animals, anything blue and white, working on our farm, estate sales and any vintage shop, my local flower market and this job that I love with every fiber in me. You can also stalk my personal life @lindseyskeuse.

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