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I'm sure you have a ton of questions; I would, too! If you don't see a question you have listed, get in touch and I would be happy to answer!


• Do you use a second shooter at weddings?

I do not. I feel fully confident shooting a wedding on my own, and honestly, I prefer it! It's nothing against having someone else with me, I just find that I work much more efficiently on my own and it's simply a personal preference. Now, if you would prefer two shooters, we can absolutely discuss this.

• Do you ever give RAW photos or all of the images you take at shoots/weddings?

Nope! I believe you're choosing me for my style of shooting and editing, so I think it's wrong to give those images as it doesn't showcase my work.

• What is your turn around time?

For engagements, equestrian and family shoots, I usually get galleries back between 2-4 weeks. I ask for 6 weeks with weddings.

• Where are you based out of?

I'm based out of Flemington, NJ - but I'll fly anywhere :)

• How many images can we expect back?

Depending on how many hours you choose for your wedding day, the number varies, but, I'm an over shooter, so you'll have plenty - I promise.

For engagements, equestrian or family sessions, my guaranteed minimum is 100 images

• If this is an equestrian shoot, how many horses can be in my shoot?

Since horses can be extremely unpredictable little dinosaurs, I ask that 3 horses max be used during your shoot. Any more than that can create anxious horses thus leading the anxious riders. If you do have more than 3 horses you would like to shoot with, we can separate into two-three days. I know that might sound crazy, but you'll be a lot happier with the results rather than cramming all into one day.

• How long do engagement/family shoots last?

Typically 1-1.5 hours.

• Can we bring out dog/cat/hamster to our shoot?


• Can you Photoshop me?

I will photoshop images that show skin blemishes, signs, wires, etc in the background. I do not believe in altering how you look to the point where you're unrecognizable.

• What if we have to cancel because of weather?

Not a big deal! We'll just find a better weather day. This goes for couple/family/equestrian sessions only.

• What if we have to reschedule our wedding?

The deposit received at the time of your booking is legally non-refundable. There will be another deposit to schedule you for another date.

• How do travel expenses work for weddings?

I work that all into my pricing to keep it simple!

• Do you offer any discounts?

I do not.

• What kind of camera gear do you use?

I shoot with two Canon 5D Mark III camera bodies. For lenses, I use a Canon 35mm, 85mm, and a 50mm. I also use a flash for receptions.

• What if we would like to add additional hours onto our wedding?

No problem! I charge an additional $250/hour.

• We would like an unplugged ceremony at our wedding, but not sure how to get the message across effectively.

I HIGHLY recommend you have an unplugged ceremony. There is nothing worse than getting wedding photos back and seeing 26 cell phones during your first kiss or having that over loving aunt standing in the aisle ready to snag that first pic. A lot of people will put it in their invites (no one reads that), some will have it on a chalkboard at the ceremony itself (also, no one reads that). SO I've found the most effective way is to have either your DJ, officiant or someone with a loud/powerful mom voice to announce it. You will without a doubt have rebels that pretend to not hear it, but hey, 2 cell phones are better than 26.